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  • Welcome to HectaMail!

  • HectaMail is a Free, Open Source, and privacy respecting email service.
  • Whilst HectaMail tries to remain private, in circumstances of legal pressuring from a goverment agency
  • or otherwise, we will release data. This is due to a fundamental flaw of E-Mail in that it cannot be encrypted serverside.

  • Under any legal circumstances, however, your data is safe with us!*

  • HectaMail supports IMAP and SMTP, on all SSL standards, on all standard ports.
  • We have no filesize limit, but if you start spamming, you can (will) be banned.
  • Thank you for respecting this community service!
  • Email Setup

    Hostname: mail.hectabit.org
    SMTP: Port 465 (SSL/TLS), 587 (StartTLS) or 25 (PlainText, not recommended)
    IMAP: Port 993 (SSL/TLS) or 143 (StartTLS)
    Login: Normal Password

    Great! How much is it?

    HectaMail isn't just Free as in Freedom, it's also Free as in Beer. Enjoy HectaMail as much as you want!
    *GDPR complient in the UK and EU regions